Lương: Thỏa Thuận

Location: Hà Nội

Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 26/12 — 31/07/2023

Mô tả công việc

Vinschool Education System is looking to fill the following positions in the Academic Department:
1. Social Sciences Coordinator

2. Natural Sciences Coordinator

3. Cambridge Primary Program Coordinator

4. Cambridge Secondary and High School Program Coordinator

NOTE: Please specify the position you are applying for in your curriculum vitae.


1. Curriculum research & development:  
- Map the subject’s curriculum to ensure the consistency between standards, unit outcomes & lesson outcomes; and the consistency between learning objectives, instruction & assessment 
- Research and develop teaching strategies and materials (sample lesson plans, sample instructional activities, sample student handouts, etc.) to enhance learning experience and optimize educational technologies 
- Lead the designing of students’ learning projects for each grade level in order to enhance the students’ competencies taught in the curriculum
- Lead the designing and/or the selection of both offline and online learning materials for students within and out of school time to support the attainment of learning objectives
- Compose and develop assessment materials such as test bank, progression tests, formative and/or summative assessment criteria and rubrics
- Develop and frequently update an inventory of curriculum development resources including professional periodicals, bulletins, books, journals, research papers and other materials
- Review curriculum implementation and outcome data to continuously improve the curriculum

2. Curriculum implementation support:
- Compose Operations Manual for School Managers, Heads of subject and Teachers on how to implement and monitor the program effectively and meet the CIS standards (Domains C and D)
- Provide School Managers, Heads of subjects, and Teachers with system-wide training on curriculum implementation (introductory courses about the subject and the program, curriculum monitoring courses, curriculum-related professional development courses, etc.)
- Create action plan to improve teachers’ performance in delivering the curriculum and work with School Managers to monitor their progress 
- Create and periodically update the library of professional learning resources including best practices in teaching and learning, case studies, expertise in the subject, etc.
- Provide School Managers and Heads of subject with guidance on how to discover and solve problems related to curriculum implementation in practice

3.  Curriculum implementation management:
- Create and lead the QA-QC plan to ensure the consistent and progressive quality control of the program at schools
- Visit classrooms regularly in order to collect data on the implementation of curriculum and the use of appropriate instructional strategies 
- Review classroom observation rubrics on semester basis
- Design end-of-semester and end-of-year exams (and standardized admission tests)
- Analyze curriculum implementation’s impact on students’ learning outcomes and propose solutions
- Analyze students’ learning outcome data and update curriculum implementation plan if necessary after each semester
- Make monthly reports to School Managers and the CEO about the subject’s teaching and learning quality and propose solutions
- Evaluate the efficiency of Heads of subject and/or campus-level coordinators

4. Curriculum-related operations:
- Create yearly curriculum implementation action plan and update it monthly
- Review the curriculum-related action plan of individual schools
- Write and distribute high-quality documents that provide teachers and parents with important information about both the School’s curriculum and instructional program
- Support schools in teacher recruitment and teacher assignment
- Perform other tasks and responsibilities assigned by the Academic Directors and the CEO

II.  Requirements for Coordinator: 

- A great command of English (IELTS 8.0 or above/equivalent)
- Critical thinking
- Good research and analytical skills, sharp mindedness
- Experience in coordinating work between parties in a high-pressure working environment
- Proficiency in Microsoft Office
- Profound knowledge of the subject curriculum and good knowledge of Vietnamese students
- Expertise in curriculum mapping and implementation of educational program
- Ability to provide guidance and training for School Managers, Heads of Department, and Teachers
- Ability to design and lead quality assurance on the system level of the school chain.

* Private Requirements:
- Social Sciences Coordinator: Prefer candidates who have experience in researching and developing international programs in social sciences (History, Geography and Psychology, ...)

- Natural Sciences Coordinator: Prefer candidates who have experience in researching and developing international programs in Natural Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics,...)

- Cambridge Primary Program Coordinator: Prefer candidates who have experience in implementing and managing Cambridge programs for Stages 1-6

- Cambridge Secondary and High School Program Coordinator: Prefer candidates who have experience in implementing and managing Cambridge programs for Stages 7-9, iGCSE and A-Level programs. 


- Salary: negotiable, according to ability.
- Health insurance: medical examination and treatment at Vinmec International General Hospital and Special health insurance packages for Vingroup employees at different levels
- Tuition fee reduction when enrolling children at Vinschool.
- Benefits and insurance according to the Labor Code.
- Discounts and incentives when using Vingroup’s products and services.
- Professional development training opportunities.
- Professional, dynamic, productive, and active working environment.
- Opportunities to be challenged and recognized

- Working with leading education experts in VietNam

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